‘Check your eligibility’ – an update

The following is an email I received today from the Communications Team at Veteran Affairs.  Check it out and provide your feeback to Veterans Affairs.  They need to get this right and with your help it might just happen.

We’re emailing you today to update you on our ‘Check your eligibility’ online tool.

You’re on our mailing list because you signed up to receive emails about the tool on our website.

The new tool

Many current and former members of NZ’s Armed Forces — and their family and whānau — told us they find it confusing to work out if they are eligible to get support from us.

To help with this, we’ve been working on a online tool that helps users understand:

if they’re able to get support from us
what sort of support and services they can get from us — now, or in the future.
The ‘Check your eligibility’ tool asks half-a-dozen questions. These include whether they’ve served, if they’re related to someone who has, when they joined, and where and when they have deployed.

Based on this information, the tool lets the user know if they’re eligible for support from us, and if they are — what type of support.

If someone isn’t eligible for support, the tool will let them know other organisations that could help. These might include the RSA, No Duff, the Ministry of Social Development, and ACC.

We’re nearly ready to launch

We’ve finished developing a working version of the tool.

It’s been built based on input and feedback from the veteran community — both current and former service people, and their family and whānau.

As a result, it’s gone through a few changes to make sure it will meet the needs of those are going to use it.

We’d like your feedback

Before we go live to the general public, we’d like to get another round of feedback. It’ll help us to make sure the changes we’ve made will make it easier for people to use the tool.

Your feedback will:

give us information about how people might use the tool
shape what — if any — changes need to be made to it before we go live
help us to prioritise future improvements.
If you’d like to take part:

Visit the beta of our ‘Check your eligibility’ online tool at http://www.veteransaffairs.mil.nz/cye-beta
Have a go at using the tool
Complete the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5R9XMNW
We’re keen to get this up and running, so would appreciate feedback within the next two weeks (before 5 October).

If you’re not interested in taking part, or don’t want to receive these sort of emails anymore, just reply to this email and put “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.

Otherwise, we really look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any other questions, thoughts, or concerns, please get in touch with us by email: va.communications@nzdf.mil.nz

Mā te wā,

Projects and Communications team
Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand

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