Here are some great images of sports teams from members of HMNZS IRIRANGI.  Thanks to Bill McLauchlan for the images.

RUGBY Team 1949

Back Row RR Packman (Coach), G Hayward, AH Hennessyt, RM MacDonald, GG Chapman. WP McLauchlan, H Roydhouse, AG Dodds, Happy Young (Coach)

Middle Row IM Fraser, JR Gardiner (Vice Captain) IH Simon, EB Shine, TE Harvey, GF Bond.

Front Row W Konui, I Crosland, AC Williams (Captain) PD Mulgrew (Secretary), BG Ewers

Rugby Team 1951

Back Row CJ Adlam, WP McLaughlan, RM Smith, JH Sexton, NE Roebuck, AC Crighton, J Kohika

Centre Row RJ Waolfgram, JG Williamson, DF Giddens (Capt), G Woods (Vice Capt) LT Hamilton, BF Veale.

Front Row AA Cooper, AJ Cross, AP Kereti, EB Craven.

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  1. Thane Zander says:

    Hiya Frank – very cool images and good memories too I bet. Have you posted them to RNZN Navy Sports Club Facebook page?? (The Jack Donnelly and Graeme Pearce site??) I’m sure many will be pleased to see them especially from that early era.


    T.W. Zander 162 College Street Awapuni Palmerston North 4412

    MOB 021 0865 7767

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