HMS VICTORY’S White Ensign Goes AWOL

The following article was published in the Professional Skipper and has been reproduced here as I have it on good authority that the content is ‘Kosher’.  Thanks also to Professional Skipper and an unamed Leading Signalman.

This is what happens when young sailors, alcohol, adventure and a little initiative takes charge in a foreign port.  If it is not brass guns, 10inch signal projectors, ships trophies or other attractive articles it might just be Nelson’s Ensign.

Click HERE to read the article.

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2 Responses to HMS VICTORY’S White Ensign Goes AWOL

  1. John H Bullock says:

    This was not the first time something like this had happened. Back in HMNZS Waikato’s post-commissioning days alongside in Portsmouth 1966/67, a certain “Sparker” flogged the Admirals flag that was fluttering way above HMS Victory’s deck that ended up in the Comm’s Mess-deck. It was eventually returned discretely when the RN were closing in on the culprits. At the Waikato decommissioning function in 1988 at the Ellerslie Racecourse, the then Executive Officer Lt. Cmdr Tom (Dulcie) Riddell made a speech, mentioning about the most embarrassing moment he had while serving on the Waikato, was the “knocking off of the Admiral’s flag off the Victory! God Save the Queen!

  2. Christine Commons (nee Mitchell ex LWren (sigs)) says:

    My Grandmother worked in Portsmouth Dockyard as a Sailmaker, this was in the 1950’s. Also the women who worked as sailmakers also had other duties, like refurbishing leather furnishings used on board ships. There were always leather scraps and not so small leather scraps available and the women had marvellous ways of smuggling these bits of leather out in their bags, under coats, even under their hats (of course they all wore hats in those days). They all wore those old fashioned heavy tweed coats in those days (a bit Ena Sharplesish like.). I think their biggest coup was when they had the job or refurbishing the Royal Yacht. All the carpet had to be replaced… to smuggle out easy…they just wrapped a roll of carpet around their bodies under their coats and waddled out of Admiralty Gates. Incidentally, I don’t know what the toilet seats on the Royal Yacht are made from now but it was leather in those days, and yes, my Grandma snaffled the leather from the those toilet seats. I hope those leather placemats she made weren’t from the Yachts toilet seats!!!!

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