Russia’s Impressive Fleet

This is an interesting article.  Click HERE to read of Russia’s might.  Click on image to enlarge.  Thanks Nick C for the article.


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2 Responses to Russia’s Impressive Fleet

  1. Alan (tug) Wilson says:

    Very impressive, very good article Nick

  2. David Wistrand says:

    All should read “Red Notice” or “How I become Putin’s No.1 enemy” by Bill Browder – true story of corruption under Mr Putin in the financial markets. Mr Putin called Browder a criminal and issued a Red Notice, which is a Interpol automatic arrest document, which means that the person it is issued against can be arrested crossing any border and sent to the issuing country. Lot in the book that is worth knowing. Couldn’t happen here try this:
    This means basically only Ngatiwai or “Special Guests” can access the supposed Public ROW if you or I tried we would not be allowed due to Office of Overseas Investment dumbness or political pressure from somewhere. The guts of it is that the track is open but goes thru 7 Pa sites which are closed to the public for cultural reasons (but will be restored by the Russian at some time) – Smart move or corruption or NZ naveity
    As for the Russian Fleet it would be nice to know what percentages of the fleet and weaponary this is?

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