The three images below have some people stumped as to what it is and what this equipment was used for.  Can you help?  There is a thought that it is a naval piece of equipment.

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  1. Jim D says:

    Looks like a mount for a mortar

  2. Butts says:

    Maybe it is some sort of aiming aid. Measures angle or level in some way as has counterweight. Need to see what the white piece attached is. Only part of it is shown.

  3. Butts says:

    Just did another search. Could be artillery control fire equipment.

  4. Butts says:

    Can’t upload photo to here but here is the link of similar instrument.

  5. Butts says:

    This is where I got the information. Not all the links work in the extracts I have copied and one will

    Below is extract from above page which refers to the instrument. There is another image which has descriptions but it is in Russian. How is your Russian.


    2. Observation instruments were :
    binocular (field glasses) with 6x or 8 x amplification
    “scout” periscope (4x): … _orig1.jpg
    stereoscopic “tube” (periscope) on a tripod (10x amplification). There were two types of them – BST (large stereoscopic tube) and AST (artillery stereoscopic tube):

    Apart from observation these instruments could be used for measuring vertical and horizontal angles, binocular and periscope – for rough measurements and stereoscopic tube – for more accurate.


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