If you are visiting the UK here is a place not to be missed ‘The Isle of White Distillery‘ . Here you will find such exotic drinks like Rock Sea Vodka, HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin, Mermaid Gin and of course HMS Victory Navy Strenth Rum .

The Isle of Wight Distillery is proud to announce a partnership with The National Museum of the Royal Navy to produce, under license, a unique Navy Strength Rum.  A 750ml bottle of this substance will set you back 46 pounds 50 stirling which includes VAT.

HMS Victory Rum is a fine blend of aged demerara rum from Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica. Reminiscent of the taste of traditional ‘Rum Tots’ issued on board naval ships. The rum has been refined and rested in oak barrels using an oak stave from HMS Victory herself, adding an extra depth of character from the Royal Navy’s most illustrious warship.

The term ‘Navy Strength’ refers to when in the 18th century, the Royal Navy legislated that all Naval ships were to carry a quantity of rum on board for the sailors’ rum tot rations. All spirits on board ship had to be 100° proof (the English standard of the day) which equates to 57% ABV


If you fancy an Exclusive Rum experience then enjoy an exclusive RUM Dinner on HMS WARRIOR 1860 located in the Portsmouth Dockyard.


other SPECIAL EVENTS like Trafalgar Night, Pickle Night or Burns Night.

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