The following has been received from David Little who is searching for any crew members who may have served in HMNZS WAKAKURA during WWII. The original request follows:

I have recently read the book “Left hand down a bit” written by the late Jack Harker. I found the book a fascinating account of wartime anti-submarine/minesweeping patrols on the New Zealand coastline by HMNZS Wakakura.

I would like to contact any former Wakakura crew members still alive, to learn more about the various patrols made around the New Zealand coast during World War 2.

I have contacted both the Navy Museum at Devonport and the National Archives in Wellington for the Wakakura log books covering the World War 2 period, but both institutions tell me they do not have them. It appears the log books were never kept after World War 2, which is most unfortunate, from a research viewpoint.

It is possible that there are some former Wakakura crew members living in your area. If you could put me in contact with those people, I would greatly appreciate it.

To save your paper resources, I can be emailed at:

Regards David Little

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