Passing of Ian Buckingham

It is with great sadness that another of our branch has crossed the bar.  The following has been received from Judith Collie nee Buckingham

Hi Frank, it is with great sadness that I advise that my beloved brother Ian Buckingham passed away on Sunday 29th July at Vickery Court in Invercargill.  Ian had been at Vickery Court for some weeks and  following his 80th birthday on the 4th July had deteriorated rapidly. 
I must say a huge thank you to those Navy friends who travelled to celebrate his birthday with him, having spoken with Ian following this he appreciated it so much and felt the warmth of their friendship around him. 
I can’t express the sorrow I feel at his passing, I guess we expect those we love the most to be there for us all the time  RIP Ian, you will always be in my heart, and the hearts of my boys and their families.  Love you forever
Kind regards
Judith Collie (nee Buckingham)
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3 Responses to Passing of Ian Buckingham

  1. Jim D says:

    Very sad to hear about Ian. I only met him for the first time when he was a patient at Dunedin Hospital. David (Casper) Neil was in the same Ward at that time. I working at the Hospital and visited them both every day. Both had a wicked sense of humour and had some good dits to spin. Dave was confined to his bed and soon as Ian was able to walk, he would go and visit Dave. RIP to both fine gentlemen.

    • Mike Catlow says:

      That was good of you to visit both guys at the time. I know Casper really appreciated it when i visited him in Invercagill hospital just before he died. Casper was always a bit wicked and had a wicked sense of humour as you say – he was good company though.

  2. Bill Bartlett says:

    Very sorry to learn of Buck’s passing. Ian inherited the nickname “mary” as a signal boy in Tamaki which he wasn’t keen on. But it stuck with him for yonks. Don’t know how this came about, maybe Charlie – Horse Conroy would probably know more about this. Anyway he was a good bunting – Bellona/Royalist & had him on Rotoiti 1960/61. Another former Gisborne/East Coast boy.. Rest in Peace Ian..

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