A Sparker Remembers

Warrant Officer Paul (skin) Murray remembers his time in the Andrew.  Click HERE to read his story.

Come on Buntings lets be having ya.  Stories please..

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8 Responses to A Sparker Remembers

  1. Wings says:

    Well put together Skin, great memory and good times…

  2. Jim D says:

    Wot! No dungy runs! Good one Skin.

  3. Paul Murray says:

    I left those up to you Jim!

  4. Paddy (Dodger) Long says:

    very good Skin, a few good memories there mate hehe ….one slight incorrect date though — Taranaki wasn’t at Rimpac 73 in Hawaii !!! Canterbury did the 73 RImpac (I was LRD on there at the time) … we did 8 weeks there in June 73, Stretch Kennedy got married, and then we got recalled back to Auckland to prep for relieving Otago at Mururoa !! (Instead of carrying on to the FES !!) … so maybe the Tiddly Tee did the year before ?? — I also did 3 postings to Irirangi too hehe …. loved it, and hated it !! Dodger

  5. Paul Murray says:

    Hi Paddy, Taranaki was in Rimpac 73, letters home to my parents complete with postcards of Hawaiin sunsets and Diamond Head dated Sep 1973. Jeff Brown, myself and one other hired a Mazda Capella RX2 for a road trip around the Island. I can remember some of your postings when you had the Holden Torana XU1 and the ute. Good times.
    I look forward to seeing your naval experiences up on this site.

    • Paddy (Dodger) Long says:

      Ok well Sept 73 was much later than us ….we were there in June 73, called back then went to Mururoa in July/Aug 73 ….so how long did the exercise go for then ??? 6 months hehe ??
      Yep still had the XU1 when I got out of pussers beginning of 76 and moved back to Chch ….wish I still had it cos it wud be worth plenty these days :-} great car !!!

  6. John Bullock says:

    That is where the name Uber came from …. Paddy’s XU1!

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