How Many Sailors Lived Here – None

Well a number of you might have lived at RNZAF Shelly Bay at some time during your naval career.  It was originally a naval facility being commissioned as HMNZS COOK during WWII.  It was then handed over to the Air Force who renamed it RNZAF SHELLY BAY.  It was finally returned to the Wellington City Council when the NZ Defence Force had no further use of it.  Here is an artist impression of what the waterfront development might look like in the future.  Click on image to enlarge.  Thanks John B for the article.

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7 Responses to How Many Sailors Lived Here – None

  1. Nick C says:

    Remember it well!!

  2. Gene Autridge says:

    It was great, best meals much better than Dorset. I think Air Force bus took us into the Waterloo and we walked up to the NCC. I think Harry Alderton was our boss at that time and the BBM was main watering hole. Happy memories

  3. Jim D says:

    It’s a pity that the water there is so bloody cold!

  4. Ian Jacques says:

    I don’t think they have taken the howling NW into account. Was my pub from 1975 till closing in 1995. Good times eh Budge

    • Phil O'Connell says:

      During the period between the departure of Kuparu from Wellington until the arrival of Wakakura you had an innate ability to steer a sailing course direct from the Boatshed at Evans Bay to the Corporals Club at Shelly Bay and arrive on time for elevenses regardless of the weather conditions. Coincidentally at the howling NW had absolutely no impact on your flame thrower of a cigarette lighter but it certainly on will on residents of the proposed apartments.

  5. Butts says:

    We used to dock there sometimes when I was on HMNZS Pukaki. Remember spending one night in the hospital, had a bad case of the flu. Had to convince them I was OK to leave the next day, as a couple of us had tickets for an All Black test at Athletic Park. I must admit they, took good care of me in the hospital.

  6. Dave Smith says:

    Yep was an interesting place many parties just a bit further round the bay

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