Branch Badges of the RNZN

Click HERE to view some new branch badges of the RNZN.  I note that even Jack Dusties are now SPECIALISTS.  I have never known an OD to be a specialist at anything but they must be now.

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5 Responses to Branch Badges of the RNZN

  1. Marian Simons says:

    Morning Frank, excuse my ignorance, but what is a jack dusty? Many thanks, Marian

  2. Tony Bullock says:

    I see the RNZN still incorrectly uses the term ‘rate’ instead of Rating (see Rank Pin – Able Rate), notwithstanding that ‘rate’ was abolished in 1966. Old habits die very very hard!

  3. Tony Bullock says:

    Whoops – I should have added a bit more. Since 1966 ratings have a rank, not a rate. The RN still use ‘rate’ in the old context of ‘Able Rate’, Leading Rate’, etc. We don’t.

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