End of an Era

Well. The time has come for me to leave the RNZN. Yes, tomorrow I walk out the door for the last time after handing in my ID Card, Car Pass etc. 52 years to the day completed in the service of my country and still not a ‘VETERAN’.

I look forward to the NZDF reviewing the South East Asian service and the Far East Strategic Reserve service, although I would add, there is no one actually currently serving, who would have served during that time. I just left.

I wish all those currently serving all the very best for their careers and I look forward to joining my shipmates and fellow communicators in retirement. Kind Regards  Frank Rands

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21 Responses to End of an Era

  1. Dave Wadman says:


    Congratulations and good luck for the future

    Dave Wadman

  2. Nick C says:

    Congratulations Frank!

  3. Jim Dell says:

    -… –..

  4. Matthews Red says:

    Very Well done Frank, It’s a long way from TS Achilles! I hope you CC’d this to the Minister of Defence/VA.

    All the best for the future .

  5. kev says:

    Thanks for your time Frank, kick back relax, cheers from the Army

  6. Jan Luttrell says:

    Best wishes Frank, for the next chapter in your journey.
    Cheers! 🤩

  7. MOLE says:

    tnx for your service, often provided advice and being a shipmate and welcome as Jasper always says “TO THE LAST GREAT ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA”.

  8. Mike Catlow says:

    As George Harrison wrote ‘All things must pass’ You have enjoyed to the max a long career with distinction so…….welcome to our world of ex-RNZN Communicators

  9. Tony Locke says:

    Congratulations Frank….you certainly have completed an amazing time in pussers.
    Time now to enjoy the next stage in your life with your family.
    Bravo Zulu

  10. Paul Murray says:

    Congratulations Frank, what an amazing achievement of service. All the best.

  11. Brownie says:

    Proud to have served with you Frank. All the best to you and yours now you won’t have an 0800 muster.

  12. Harry Hankins says:

    All the best Frank…sincere regards Harry Hankins

  13. Marian Simons says:

    Congratulations Frank, and enjoy your retirement

  14. Alan Wilson says:

    Congratulations Frank, BZ, it seems so long ago when we were in the PHILOMEL Comcen together a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Sit back and enjoy your retirement
    Best regards Alan (tug) Wilson

  15. John Bullock says:

    Good Luck and good health in your retirement Frank. Maybe if you were a “Grunt”, your chance of Veteran recognition probably have been greater! I have a certificate of recognition signed the one and only “Aunty Helen”.

  16. Alan Peck says:

    Well done Frank. 52 years of loyal service. That’s quite an achievement. Time to relax and enjoy that well earned retirement.

  17. Ian Jacques says:

    Cheers Frank. This Association would not be what it is without your input

  18. Neal Catley says:

    On Friday 25 May 2018, when you finally ‘swallowed the anchor’ I’m sure it was with a tinge of sadness but, at the same time with much satisfaction and happiness to leave the Royal New Zealand Navy after such a long and undisputed outstanding career. Comparatively to rise from the bowels of the lower deck to the rank of Navy Commander is a truly magnificient achievement. And, may all those who come after you remind them of the Communications Branch proud history and how the qualities of loyalty, adaptability, resourcefulness, dedication and service will always set the standard.

    Frank, you have left an extraordinary legacy for all young aspiring RNZN Communicators to look to, and to build upon. That is, a model of what the RNZN and our country both still stand for – the willingness, the ability and the strength of character, conviction and purpose to serve.

    Of course, throughout your career Laurie has been a tower of strength and support. May you both enjoy the next phase of your life.

    Yours Aye,


  19. davesyn says:

    Thank you for your contribution, I have enjoyed and been pleased to be kept up to date.
    Enjoy the rest of your new life and if ever in Sydney and need a beer or a cuppa look me up

  20. John Gapes says:

    Congratulations Frank. Service like you have done deserves more than a “Thanks Mate” You have done so much for we “Old” comms personell. Now you are one of us. Welcome.

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