The Veterans Independence Program

Here is a notice with regard the Veterans Independence Program.  This programme is for Veterans with qualifying operational service, or service before 1 April 1974.  Is this a fraudulent slip or are personnel who served prior to 1974 now classed as Veterans?

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6 Responses to The Veterans Independence Program

  1. David Wistrand says:

    I read this (again) and as I have a large tree that needs topping (7 metres to about 4) I thought I would give them a ring. But since it is not lawns and weeding which are the services provided by their contractor Crewcut I did not qualify for assistance. So the logic is if you cannot do “safe” things like lawns and gardens you get assistance but if you have an “unsafe” problem like topping a tree you do not get assistance. I have talked to them before about my front hedge which is 2 metres high but this is too difficult for Crewcut as well and I have to balance of a ladder or pay for it myself. But if I had a low hedge then Crewcut would trim it. I am now worried about my toenails getting too long and their toenail clipping contractor will not be able to trim them if I need that help. Better check the home brew and settle down

  2. John Bullock says:

    Dave … like most bureaucratic whatever, that involves money, you will find a lot of the “wants” are in place, but you try and obtain that e.g. service, it looks good from political stand-point, however unfortunately the chances of getting approval can be difficult, e.g. asset tested. One of the latest government gestures is to give all NZ Gold Card holders $20 a week from mid-July to help pay for your home heating, and guess what it is not asset tested!

  3. Matthews Red says:

    But the question still is, as it has been for a long time. Who is a Veteran and who is not???
    Pretty simple question to answer I would have thought, but it would appear no-one wants to answer it as it may have a cost !!!

    • gunther says:

      veteran is defined by the govt’ for services rendered for special operations, which are defined in veterans affairs section on who qualifies for veteran is in black and white who qualifies…

  4. David Wistrand says:

    At the risk of upsetting some very nice “not men” their seems to be a lack of sympathy emanating from the photos of those in charge of Veterans Affairs

  5. Bill Bartlett says:

    Jesus wept! here we go a bloody -gen. I wish the powers at be including those Defence dept leaders get this ” Veteran status ” crap sorted out once and for all. Is Ron Mark now going to have a play with it too?

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