Jack Passings – April 2018

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of April 2018. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

CAINE, Noel Lyon (Prof)
SHAW Denis Michael (Artie) WO MECH
MARLOW Gerald William Seaman
MILLS Kevin Mann Seaman
GASKIN, Robert (Bob) Able Seaman
VINGOE Sydney Alfred (Syd)
McNeill Allan Crawford SEAMAN
DONOVAN, A Trevor Articifer
McNEILL, Allan Crawford Seaman
ROWE, John Henry (Mick)  WOREM

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3 Responses to Jack Passings – April 2018

  1. David Wistrand says:

    Allan Crawford (a 3rd cousin of my wife Maggie) was a Torpedoman 1st Class on HMNZS Gambia and was believed to be the last surviving member of the crew. RNZN and TS Gambia representatives were present at the funeral in Henderson and did a fine Haka to send him off.
    Gambia (and Allan) were at the Japanese surrender.

    • Tony Marsden says:

      David, there is an ex member of Gambia’s crew still about.
      Jim Murray was an AB onboard & now is a member of our local KEV branch & also RSA

  2. John Gresson says:

    Kevin Mills was also a member of the crew of HMNZS Gambia up to, and at the time of the Japanese surrender. Died two days shy of Anzac Day on 23 Apr 18. A well attended funeral at the Panmure – Mt Wellington RSA on 28 Apr 18. RNZN contributions to his send off, and a mixed RNZN/RNZNVR bearer party carried the casket into and out of the service for the family.

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