Remembering our Past – Jim Dell

I recently spoke with Jim Dell about writing his memoirs and sure enough he is starting to put pen to paper.  I will develop a page shortly and collate all Communicators historys as they come to hand.  We have at least three communicators busy as bees at this time.  So come on we all have a story to tell so lets document our history now.

Chapter 1 – Before the Andrew

Chapter 2 – Training

Chapter 3 – The Cherry Boys

Chapter 3 part 2  – The Cherry Boys

Chapter 3 part 3  – The Cherry Boys

Chapter 3 part 4  – The Cherry Boys

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4 Responses to Remembering our Past – Jim Dell

  1. Christine Commons (nee Mitchell ex LWren (sigs) says:

    I can see this has the makings of a bestseller. I’m already hooked and awaiting Chapter Two.

  2. Paul Murray says:

    A very interesting read Jim, looking forward to the next addition.

  3. Bill McLauchlan says:

    I was interested to note your contact with Paul Tasker. I remember him well from Waiouru W/T in the late 40’s (1948 I think) where he was the MAA – a good guy.

  4. Chook says:

    I am in awe of your memory, or did you have a diary, I was on that trip and remember about 5 percent of the things you mentioned, and that’s being generous….. well done Jim, I have one of the copies of the last edition of Royalists newspaper or magazine or whatever you like to call it.

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