Another Waitangi

Click HERE to view this years (2018) Naval participation at Waitangi.  The guard looked very smart but I am a little confused as to why we continue to refer to the Guard as a Royal Guard when neither the Governor General nor a member of the Royal Family were present.

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5 Responses to Another Waitangi

  1. Marian Simons says:

    GG was there for Tuesday but I’m not sure when she arrived – Mon am/pm – or when she left;

  2. Peter broom says:

    Memories of our class of boys(12th) going to Waitangi in 1948 onboard Aribus or Arbutus (sweepers) and being the guard after only 3 months in pussers

  3. Colin Spence says:

    I remember that guard also Peter, plus the cow dung we had to dodge on the way up to the parade ground . Great to hear that you are still alive & kicking Regards Tex Spence

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