Who is this?

This is an image of a Killick Signalman who knew his stuff.  A hard player and fair guy.


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9 Responses to Who is this?

  1. Nick Carter says:

    Jake Hooker

  2. Jim D says:

    Jake Huka

  3. Chris Precey says:

    On Pukaki, remember him doing a 24-on as a sparker in Napier keeping a B40 tuned in to offline RATT b’cast and keeping it ZBZ5. Also remember him in my watch at NCC Wgtn and having the Xmas Eve night watch – having informed all my watch that I did not mind them bring a bottle on watch for Xmas Eve, But not to arrive drunk and incapable of doing their work! Hugh French arrived in that state and scrubbed out the whole place overnight, but Jake arrived obviously having several under his belt but he could still do his job.
    When overseas and alongside on Pukaki, Charlie Cameron did not put Jake on duty at all. It was a sheer waste of time as he somehow got totally wasted. But he certainly knew his job at sea! Notice that the caption describes him as a Killick Signalman. Although qualified professionally, he never was a killick for long before he lost his rate.
    My wife has fond memories of Jake, as I do myself. Always the life and soul of a party.

  4. Paul Craggs says:

    Jake Huka took me on my first run ashore in Singapore on Otago in 69. He managed to get totally shit faced but made sure I got back on board alright. A real nice guy.

  5. Chook says:

    Jake was the killick of the watch when I picked up my hook in whatever year it was, I came back from the Philomel Captains table and Jake said you’re not properly dressed, no hook, so he took his off and said here have this, everyone knows I’m a killick!! Another occasion, I left the NCC heading for Philomel, got to about the police hut in the Dockyard, Jake yelled out Chook come back!!! so I went back to the NCC walked in and Jake said, how far would you have been if I hadn’t called you back!!! One of a kind, last saw him in the Rotorua RSA in the 70’s. RIP Jake….

  6. Bill Bartlett says:

    Jacob (Jake) Huka was one of our Buntings (known as TOs then) on Rotoiti 1960 FES . A real character he was. Only saw him once after that trip. Sad that he crossed the bar so early in his life. RIP Jake!
    Bill B

  7. Ditz says:

    Jake would give you the shirt off his back. We served together at DCU Wakefield twice and flatted together with a whole lot of other guys. Like all of us, he liked a drop or two but was most annoying in the flat whenever he came back with too many under his belt he would have a cook-up but would fall asleep and end up with a cremated scran and a flat full smoke and Jake hanging out the window coughing his lungs out. His party trick, when not playing the guitar, was to put his half thumb up his nose in front of anyone who didn’t know he had a half thumb and put his false tooth plate in his glass of beer when he went to the toilet knowing no one would drink his beer. He used to live with the wife and I in Gisborne for a while in the 70’s. RIP buddy.

  8. Frank Saunders says:

    Not Jake the Muss’ A great Guy. Climbed through My window in the Pussah’s flats to borrow my suit to wear to a flash do.’ didn’t know it was missing until he brought it back. Drycleaned as well, thank the lord. RIP Jake

  9. Dave Wistrand says:

    *Otago at an ANZAC Day parade in Wellington NSW out of Sydney – march down the main street to the Memorial Park and fallen in looking good and Jake falls out of the platoon and has a pee on a nearby tree. Didn’t go unnoticed and I had to lift his lid during the warrant process.
    *Rotorua two of us late at night driving around stopped by the cops. He was comatose in the passenger seat but the law made him be the driver. Got around the corner and swopped back.
    *Funeral was south of Rotorua at a Marae was a farce more maori politics than a rememberence.
    Milford Marina talent quest night, had a few warm up bevvies so that did not go well.
    *Fort Dorset (on more than one occasion) into town for a few beers and feed – left the restaurant without paying (just going for a pee) think he still owes me for that.
    *Fort Dorset middle of the night woke up and found him in my cabin getting some run ashore civvies.
    *He wanted to sign on again after 12 to complete 20 but not accepted, too much history not all of it good but was a good signalman shame really.
    *Flatting in Takapuna went on Xmas Holidays and he asked if some whanau could stay in the flat we said NO – but they did anyway and apparently leered at the girl next flat so we got the boot or something like that.
    Was a good mate though and a million laughs, some quick get aways – ahhh those were the days

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