Looking For?

Hi, We are trying to see if anyone knew a ‘Ted’ Marshall who served in IRIRANGI during May 1955 to August 1956.  However there maybe some confusion around if ‘Ted’ was even his real name.  Sorry for being so vague but if you knew ‘Ted’ can you please leave a comment to this post.

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4 Responses to Looking For?

  1. Jack Donnelly says:

    The only “Ted” Marshall I knew was a Leading Seaman who was i/c of boats on Royalist in 1961 along with Vic Jones and I. “Ted” I believe was not his real christian name. At that time he was a 3 badge L/H.

    • John Gale says:

      Dear Jack
      Thanks for the reply Ted was my fathers best man March 1957 F.A (Taffy) Gale, I have pictures on him.

      • John Bullock says:

        I remember a “Stormy Gale” (Gunnery). on Otago. We were in Bangkok, he “fell in love” with a gorgeous Thai girl. The problem was he wanted the CO to marry them, but then immigration would not allow her into NZ.. funny that …. A great guy, whether he is related I do not know?

  2. John Gale says:

    Dear John
    Thank you so much for your reply, Frederick Albert “Taff” Gale did not serve on HMNZS Otago but that ship F111 graced every bottle of Mead or Wine (home brewed) he ever made, but what you have described sounds lake dad, he was charged with bringing a bottle of Vodka onto HMNZS Irirangi & on HMNZS Pukaki he, Maxwell Robert Cameron & Derick Henry Henderson were charged with stealing & drinking a bottle of beer on Christmas Day 1956.

    Back to looking for “Ted” Marshall, we have found is signature and it looks like E. J. Marshall and was serving at HMNZS Irirangi on 24th March 1957 because he gave it as his address.
    We have images of him but again if you know his proper name please make contact.

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