You will recall that in the past many of our ships badges have been designed by school chidren as part of a competition.  This theme has not changed and HMNZS AOTEAROA has received some great designs for its new badge.

After a lot of deliberation the RNZN is pleased to announce the top 10 badge designs for HMNZS Aotearoa. Congratulations to these finalists and thank you to everyone that submitted a creative design.

The Navy Ships Names and Badges Panel mentioned that the 10 they’ve selected embody a range of styles any one of which could be proudly worn by the ship and her company for the next 30 or so years.

The next stage of the process comes in mid January when the panel will whittle these 10 designs down to three and present them to the Chief of Navy. At this point, the designs may undergo some minor reformatting around colours and elements before the final design is selected and announced in February 2018. 

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