Crossing the Line

Here are some images of a bygone era when Crossing the Line for the uninitiated could be a little intimidating.   Thanks to Navy Museum for the images.

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3 Responses to Crossing the Line

  1. Jock Hair says:

    Looks a sedate ceremony unlike RN crossing the line where King Neptune, his Court who passed sentence on some ridiculous charge , his policemen who brought you in and the Bears who lathered up your face with a brush from a bucket of white gunge before scrapping it of with an outsize mock open razor if neptunes court thought you needed a shave before the ducking sentence of so many duckings .The Bears ducked you under after you had been overturned from your chair backwards into the canvas pool some 6 feet below No sailor who had not crossed the line previously was exempt including skippers commanders , jimmy the ones and other officers I had an unusual certificate crossing for 0 degrees south 0 west courtesy of Captain Pearce VC but even there the real Neptune didn’t but in an appearance and Captain Pearce VC got a “Bollocking” for taking his ship of track to accommodate the 0 , 0 Crossing Happy Days

  2. Noel(Skin) Kininmont says:

    I have this crossing the line certificate framed and on my lounge wall Those were the days ask Jim Blackburn Skin K

  3. Brian Moyse NZ15837 says:

    Top one is from HMNZS Royalist Far East 1958

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