One from the Memories

A large number of Communicators will remember this building. Thanks Frank L for the image.

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11 Responses to One from the Memories

  1. gunther says:

    obviously taken way before 1966 when sam tilton was the sparker in charge of the port wireless. we had that bank groomed to perfection , even planted trees and watered them till they died.

    • Jim D says:

      I think the CB Vault was built after 1966 Gunth.

      • gunther says:

        hmmm now u got me thinking,,but when sam was the r.s at port wireless we, as in skin porteous and most of the royalist sparkers cleaned that bank back with hand held sycles, also doing anything to do with grass and weeds all the way to the txmitter room.. i know it was there in 69, (vault) as pat green showed us the bid580’s and how they worked when i was posted to im thinking after we did the grass work, and we went to other postings, it all reverted back to jungle..

      • Frank Lewis says:

        I took this photo while I was an instructor in the Comms School 1975 – 1976. I have a few others – one which included the crib leaders board. My name just happened to be on top.

      • gunther says:

        I have just had the brain rememberance…I was up there in 66 with sam as the r.s. so that was when we did all the parks and gardens…

  2. Bazz Walden says:

    That was the lower building I think mainly occupied by sparklers while us buntings were above where we did fleet work and flashing light stuff. The radar plotters were in the building across from us. Anyone have a photo taken from above North Head?
    Brings back memories of when the navy was a navy.

  3. Tony Magon says:

    Does anyone remember the incident in 1967 to do with Bob Hutchins lilies planted down the side of the steps????

  4. Jim D says:

    Only part of that building was the Port Wireless. At the far end you can see the concrete CB vault which was part of the Comms Tng School. Next to that the Port Wireless which took up the width of the building. The gap in the white fence leads to the side door – straight ahead were the offices of the Comms Tng Officer and Admin Chief. Next to them on the side facing Devonport was a classroom (used for Radio Theory when I did my Advanced Radio Cse) and on this side of the corridor at this end of the building was the Radio Comms Equipment classroom.
    The building closest to the camera housed the trainees standeasy room and another classroom which was used for Automatic Telegraphy Procedure, where Derek Lawford and self got the cane from RS Carl Edwards (he may have been an Instructor rate then). Carl’s cane was long enough to be able to cane the both of us together – bent over with fingers touching the bottom of the blackboard with backsides facing the class. There was a smaller classroom at this end which used to be where the Advanced Signals class was taught (I think).

  5. Dave Wistrand says:

    Just to clear everything up the bit between the building and the bank was a drive way.

  6. Brian Moyse says:

    Spent some good times in the 60’s up there looking after ZLE. Not a lot to do, listening on 3192, cooking lousy meals, and mustering the books at night. Good supply of mushrooms though from the tunnels down below.

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