Make & Mend

Here is an image of sailors who were serving in HMS New Zealand c 1913.  This is the true spirit of a Make & Mend not shooting off home to mow the lawns.   Thanks to the Navy Museum for the image.

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2 Responses to Make & Mend

  1. Frank Lewis says:

    I remember John Titmus using one of those machines to repair flags on Blackpool. He wasn’t too bad either at sewing.

  2. Jock Hair says:

    Father in law served on HMS Jutland during ww1 . He was at battle of Jutland . Didn’t say much about sea time only they were contained in gun turrets for long periods., where natural functions were difficult . I think he was on board when the ship visited New Zealand . . I served aboard HMS Gambia 1958/60. The comms setup was still ww2 with 600 series and patched control systems
    Morse paper tape was still used where a type writer punched holes in the tape : for a dot and / with hole at each end for a dash after composing the tape message it was run through a simple machine with peckers acting I the same way as a key sending dots and dashes . The best sparkers were musicians learning morse code as a series of musical notes
    B40 s and teleprinters had replaced most Rxers .ww2 type morse keys were still used . Some sparkers used there own swinging keys which the Admiralty had banned but some sparkers used them Ashley got better speed and once learned how to use were easier to use

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