Get Up There – A new meaning

Here is a video of climbing the mast.  Click HERE  to view the video.

97 FEET AND NOT A SAFETY HARNESS IN SIGHT – ROYAL NAVY MAST MANNING – Accompanied by an international Massed Bands playing the traditional naval sea shanty ‘Westering Home’, the Royal Navy perform Ceremonial Mast Manning in 1994.


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3 Responses to Get Up There – A new meaning

  1. MOLE says:

    I was fortunate enough to witness this live when I was on HMS VICTORY during Long Look 94 during Navy week. I think that this could have been the final time it was performed primarily because of OSH concerns.

  2. Jim D says:

    Were you Nelson’s cabin boy Mole?

  3. Brian Burford says:

    Was performed live at my passing out parade at HMS Ganges. Very spectacular and very much part of the traditions of the service in 1965.

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