Did you serve in HMNZS WAIKATO?

In 1999 the HMNZS Waikato Association loaned, to the then Wellington Maritime Museum, a painting of the sailing ship ‘Waikato’. This was meant to be returned but for whatever reason was not.  It is thought the painting may have hung in the Junior Rates Dining Hall on Waikato.

The Museum now wishes to return the painting to either the Association or the original owner.   Does the Waikato Association still exist?  If anyone can shed some light on this please leave a comment to this post.

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2 Responses to HMNZS WAIKATO

  1. Fred Wilson says:

    I was the Secretary of the Waikato Association when it folded for lack of interest in 2013. The residual assets were transferred by consent at a General Meeting to the RNZN Association (North Shore Branch). That organisation also folded three years later, again being unable to sustain interest and a dearth of members willing to stand on the Executive. The residual assets were transferred, again by consent of the remaining members, to the Navy Club (Inc. Society 221955).
    I was unaware, as Secretary of the Waikato Association, that an asset in the form of the painting even existed. However, I suggest that as the other assets of the Association have been formally handed down and are now incorporated in the Navy Club, that they are also the rightful heirs of this asset.

  2. Des Sanson (MKII) says:

    In regards to the said painting, I served on Waikato 67/68, and member of the Waikato Assn until 2002. if there is no other place for the painting to go to, I would like to on behalf of the Ex Navalmens Assn Palmerston North branch would be happy to have it on loan hanging in our clubrooms, among the other ships we have and for info if any one is passing through Palmy our clubrooms are open from 1600 Thursday/Friday and 1100 Sundays be great to see you.

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