Lost & Found

Max Ryder was a Sparker who served in IRIRANGI in the late 1950’s  It is believed that he lives or lived in Hastings.  Anyone know the whereabouts of Max can they please email me or leave a comment to this post.  Another Communicator of the same era would like to make contact.

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4 Responses to Lost & Found

  1. russghockley@gmail.com says:

    my last sighting of Max was at Manurewa RSA cud have been part of the Exec. 2014.

  2. Tony Locke says:

    is this the same Red Ryder I knew at Irirangi during the early 60s? Last time saw him was at the cruiser reunion 1990s at Palmerston North.

    • Brian Moyse NZ15837 ex LRO says:

      Hi Tony, yes that was Max’s nickname, he was very good on the piano and the snooker table at Irirangi. Mother was Hawaiian or Tahitian iirc. Thanks for the info

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