Crew Lists

Does anyone have a crew list for the HMNZS BELLONA trip to the UK in 1955 or the crew list when HMNZS ROYALIST commissioned.

Communicators lets see if we can put a list of the communicators for both these ships and trips.


COMMUNICATIONS BRANCH LISTING. (As far as can recall)  Thanks Bill Bartlett for the names

V/S Dept
C.Yeo Taff Jones.
Yeoman – Danny Daniels, Kevin Vaughn, Pete Mellor, Ian (Nocka) White
L/Sigs – Lofty Redwood, Sam Lawton, John Morey, Tich Holland
Sigs – * Lance (Minnie) Pickett, Darby/Ditts Dutton, Darky Neil, Sid (Blue) Graham
Osigs/Boys – Brian Cookson, Charlie Conroy, Bill Bartlett, Brian (BT) Mitchell, Tom Cassidy, Ian Buckingham, Bob Gillespie, Mike (Lofty) Commons, Bruce Mcpike
*Minnie Pickett picked up his hook before leaving the UK I think

Ch.Tel Pete Illesley
PO Tels – Joe Dawson, Alec “Spotty” Crighton, John Steer, Paddy Boyle?
L/Tels – Jado Orchard, Sticky Glew, Darcy Doogan, Ron Pocock, Dick Alley
Tels /ODs – Snow Mayes, Clem Mellish, Sonny Smith, Sonny Hau, Sam Philps,
Graham Cadwallader, Jack Wairepo(Wrigley), Vic Patterson, Chas Brown.
IKM Lee, Berry, Chris Precey, Poi Puata, “Eek” Dawson, Don “Hairy” Kirk,
Dave Stade, Jim Hawkins.
Comms DO – Bellona was the Navvy, Lt Peter Silk
Royalist was LtCdr or Lt Derek Cheney (Joined Royalist on commissioning ex HM
Communications Training Estab St Beaudaux, Plymouth.)



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5 Responses to Crew Lists

  1. Graeme Pearce says:

    Yes the records for both ships are held at Archives NZ

  2. Gerry Wright says:

    Hi Graeme, I visited National Archives a couple of weeks ago and despite help from the staff we could not find any crew lists. Can you remember the file name and I’ll try again? Cheers

  3. bill bartlett says:

    After retiring in 1987 then during my 20 further years in NSD I attempted to get hold of the Bellona/Royalist nominal list with no luck. Seemed to get fobbed off. Those who spent time in Navy Office may recall an ex PO Writer (RN) Taff Claridge who was a Clerk in Navy Staff Office, but unfortunately he had snuffed it since I last associated with him.. Very disappointed that he had died because he would of been able to get the required info.
    But today, you would think the likely place to enquire in Naval Staff! for Christ sake, but they’re bloody hopeless I reckon.
    Bill B (Ex Bunting Tosser)

    • John Bullock says:

      I do recall completed “Ships Logs” and so forth are archived at Trentham, so I assume Crew Lists would be archived there as well. Then again the old Comauck Posting Office, or whatever it is called these days would be a good starting point.

  4. Colin Spence says:

    The PO Tel whose name is listed as Paddy Boyle was actually Paddy Boyland who tested us ODs before we were allowed to go to Waiouru as Tels in 1949. We had just completed a tour of NZ and Australia With Chief Tel Ponto Kuckman and Rahu Greentree and Keith Cadman were also PO Tels.Those days Wilbur Luscombe was one of the killicks on board. We went on board as boy Tels.Regards to all !

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