It is Finished

News Flash everyone – This morning Anne Hine delivered a number of copies of “75 Years of Memories – Women in the RNZN” to the Navy Museum in Devonport.  The publication is available for sale at a very reasonable price of $40.  If you are not personally able to visit the museum check out

For a limited time only during the 75th RNZNWA Reunion (13-15 Oct 17) these books will be available at a specially reduced price of $30. This is a one off discount price as part of the 75th celebrations. After publication costs are covered, all profits from this book are going to the RNZN Women’s Association.   Well done Anne this is a great effort.

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2 Responses to It is Finished

  1. Jan Luttrell says:

    And … It’s fabulous! 😄

  2. Anne Harwood says:

    Well done Anne. It’s a treasure.

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