Waterpolo 1969

Brian H must have been at sea when this was taken..  Note no fences in those days to keep out the kids etc..

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3 Responses to Waterpolo 1969

  1. gunther says:

    This I think is a presento to Tom Logan (dental surgeon) who was about to join up with army/airforce to form the new medical corp that happened around 1970. The photo is a mishmash of navy waterpolo players and sailors who may have been in the area when commodore valiant presented Tom with the object. Cdre Valiant was a very keen follower of the water polo team and as Commodore of the day would turn up for all games in the pool. I had many a conversation with him during his time as Commodore, and these conversations were not the yes sir, no sir conversations taking a couple of seconds. Really had some long talks with him about sport and what I was doing at the time, he seemed to know just about everything about me and what I was doing. He liked talking about how a couple of us were training with the NZ Waterpolo Team, playing for Auckland etc. He really liked it when navy (and this covers all sports) were doing well in civvie competitions.

  2. Jim D says:

    I think you will find that Valiant was a WW2 homing pigeon…

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