Remember these Vietnam Protests

Here is an image of HMNZS TARANAKI sailors parading in support of the Opening of Parliament in 1969.  A large Anti-Vietnam protest group at the rear.  Sailors had to endue these protestors when going on leave in Auckland and many a scuffle occurred during these turbulant times.  Can you identify any of the sailors?  Thanks to the National Library for the image.

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12 Responses to Remember these Vietnam Protests

  1. GBA says:

    One badged sailor on right in background is Kevin (Fish) Walsh.

  2. gunther says:

    in the back ground fish walsh gunnery branch and alongside him one of the weapon mech’s
    i did the training with this lot (1969) but in the end wasnt sent down on the train to parliament. this is the 69/70 crew of taranaki

  3. Jim D says:

    You can’t beat a Pussers Guard

  4. Mole says:

    Both Helen Clark and Phil Goff have never apologised to the Navy for the abuse they hurled at us.
    Also RIP FISH a good sportsman and rugby player.

  5. Red Matthews says:

    That’s my illustrious self on the left of the front rank,got a bit of a fright when I found this photo !
    I should have learnt something about protests then and not taken up my other career!!
    In the other picture at the rear it is Porky Preston, Fish Walsh and Doc Burroughs.
    Jeez Gunther your memory must be going we went on Buses, it was a hell of a trip!!

    • gunther says:

      ur right red..initially it was to be by train. and yes they did go by buses, and the stories when they came back, as i said i didnt get to go, but did all the training..

  6. Dave Wistrand says:

    And also remember doing patrols while at North Head (ZLE30) had guard ratings up from Philomel at night and weekends while Goff and Clark and Shadbolt were agitating. They put on a pretend/training raiding party from Philomel, we had to detect and stop them getting thru the fence. Had to put one in a headlock he was getting carried away with his role as a left wing quasi terrorist

  7. Mole says:

    OS Murray Kinred front row 3rd from left, OCK Paul Bradshaw rear rank 3rd from left and 2nd from right rear rank Red is a Stoker who joined with us.

  8. Lindsay Roberts says:

    You’re half right Red. We went down by train and back by bus. I think it had something to do with every time the train stopped there was a mass exodus to the nearest pub to replenish supplies. I think the train departure may have been delayed on more than one occasion. Busses were much easier to control.
    Fish Walsh what a sad loss. For those who don’t know. It was in Brisbane on Taranaki’s trip north in 1970. He and others returning onboard in the early hours. He fell between the ship and the jetty onto the cat and was fatally injured. Doc Burrows climbed down to him and tried to keep him alive but I believe it was already too late.
    Best wishes Geoff hope you are well.

  9. Ernie POPE says:

    in the top image , front row, 2nd from right, 1 badgeman is Able Seaman Ross Ayre (Rosco)

  10. Bob Ohlson says:

    I was a member of that Guard. – Taranaki was laid up. Train down, bus back. We were warned about booze on the bus as it was not going to stop for random pee stops. No a problem to Jack, plastic bags and louvre windows on the Bedford buses did the trick. I dont know if there was any formal complaints from passengers in cars travelling behind. We did stop at Irirangi for a tot and a meal.
    A few additional names – Top pic front row from the right – Ross Ayre, Roly? (Weapon Mech), Murray Kindred, Jim Petrie.
    Back Row – from left ?? Rees (Johnny Rees’s brother), aul Bradshaw, Bungy Williams (seaman) on the end as an EM whose name escapes me.

    Bottom pic – Rear rank – Richard Perkins (guide) I think.
    Front row – Peter McDonald (stoker) 2 along from Jim Petrie.

    i think my dial may have been blocked by the Gov..

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