A question was raised about the location of ships bells belonging to ships of the RNZN.

Bells have had a significant history for a number of our sailors.  They were rung everyday at 0800, they were polished regularly and children of sailors were christened and had their names engraved on the inside of the bell.  So where are all these bells?  Some have gone to schools, some have been gifted and some gather dust in museum storage units.  A complete listing has now been uploaded.  Click HERE to view listing.

If anyone is in the area where these bells are located it would be appreciated if you could check them out that they still exist and if possible take a photo of the bell as well.  Images can be sent to rnzncommsweb@gmail.com .

Names of children inscribed on the inside of the bells will be uploaded shortly.  Thanks.  Images of Bells below:







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4 Responses to WHERE ARE THE BELLS

  1. Frank Lewis says:

    The original (HMS) bell that was on Blackpool when we picked her up from the UK is in the Gisborne council foyer. I have photos.

  2. Frank Lewis says:

    The bell from Black Prince is in the entrance of St James Church here in Kerikeri.

  3. Tiwha Hakaria says:

    I remember having to ring the bell eight times on Waikato, trouble was somebody had stolen the donger, I looked at the OOD but he didn’t know what to do, so I grabbed the micorphone for the ships broadcast and said “ding ding” four times. By this time the OOD was glaring at me and yelled at me that he wanted to see me in his cabin. When I got to his cabin, he told me to close the door, he then burst into laughter and said what an innovative person i was (not exactly in those words), but I was not charged and it turned out to be the joke of the ship for a few days.

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