Medal Approved to Recognise Humanitarian Service

New Zealanders providing humanitarian services overseas in disaster recovery and other and dangerous situations set to get medallic recognition, after Parliament has accepted a well-supported community petition.

Whangarei MP Dr Shane Reti QSM said the petition had been unanimously accepted by all parties in Parliament. He issued an email of thanks to RSA National President BJ Clark, thanking the organisation and its members for participating in the petition and helping make it a success.

“During the petition process we approached and gained the support of all major non-government organisations (NGOs) like yours to help get this worthy cause across the finish line,” Dr Reti said.

“I’d like to formally thank you and your members for your support of this petition. New Zealanders are well known and well respected overseas for their efforts in moments of crisis. Thanks to this petition being accepted, they’ll now be acknowledged here at home too.”

Whangarei man and former Red Cross worker Alan Ward started the petition process several years ago, after serving overseas. Mr Ward approached Dr Reti in 2015 and they collaborated on a Parliamentary petition, which gained hundred signatures and support from NGOs including RSA, Red Cross, World Vision, NZ Police, and Fire Service.

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade select committee deliberated on, then accepted the petition earlier this month.

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5 Responses to Medal Approved to Recognise Humanitarian Service

  1. Mole says:

    What about WELLINGTON & MONOWAI being alongside in Suva during the 1st Coupe in 87 waiting to evacuate NZ Citizens incase it all went Tits up. & WAIKATO for Tokelau Relief in 74.

  2. Jim D says:

    Come now Mole. Keep this up and you’ll want a medal for getting through Kings Cross safely

    • John Bullock says:

      Jim ….The phrase “That is the Pot calling the Kettle Black” comes to mind!

      • Jim D says:

        I’ll have you know that I passed through the Cross several times during my naval career with wallet and virginity intact and should get the medal with the appropriate clasps…

  3. James Blackburn says:

    Jim…If Mole could have got through Kings Cross at ALL he would have deserved a medal.
    bless him.

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