Your Association has became aware that a fellow ex communicator is in an unenviable position. Ex Radio Operator, 1977 – 1991 Christine Jackson (nee Jones) and her ex husband, Philip Jackson (ex matelot) have a daughter Morgan and for the past 11 years Morgan has battled with reoccurring Stage 4 melanoma. In May this year, Morgan underwent further surgery in NZ which was deemed to be successful and she was ‘cancer free’. However, some 3 months later she has been faced with the unbearable news that it has returned. Unable to afford treatment in the USA where Morgan resides with her husband Brian and 3 year old son, Valkan (Puki),  Morgan has returned to NZ alone for treatment here and she is staying with her father, Philip while she undergoes the scheduled Keytruda Therapy treatment.

Morgan would dearly love her husband and son to be with her during this stressful period, however they are not in a financial position to meet this cost. A friend has set up a ‘gofundme‘ page with the goal of raising enough funds to bring the family together while Morgan undergoes the treatment in NZ.  As we all know, family is most important at the best of times, let alone when we are fighting a horrible disease like Melanoma. If anyone would like to donate and help this Communicators family please go to the ‘GOFUNDME’ page.



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