RNZAF Shelly Bay started off as a naval establishment and still has portholes in what was the main doors of the Officers Mess.  Well it’s up for sale..  I think I have read this before…

Click on HERE to read article.  Wellington based Communicators will remember the place or at least the long walk if you got the wrong bus.

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5 Responses to RNZAF SHELLY BAY

  1. Marian Simons says:

    I was billeted at Fort Dorset, but ended up in Shelley Bay Sick Bay for the weekend when I hurt my jaw – no clothes, books, toiletries or visitors Friday or Saturday & driven home Sunday after the situation resolved itself. I had not been able to contact any of my friends at Dorset, but was told that Dorset had been informed. However, no one in the barracks knew where I was :/ as they had not been told either. Horrible food & really cold in the sick bay.

  2. John Bullock says:

    Talking about Fort Dorset, I spent many “moons” there. Between the Officers Mess and the WO & Sgt’s Mess were a row of empty transport garages. No way would the Army Major OIC Dorset allow us to garage our cars in them, even after considering the proximity to the sea. I even put in a request thru the CO Wakefield to seek permission on my behalf to utilise one of the garages. Guess what, a “Big Fat NO”! The only good thing about Dorset was the excellent food, without a doubt.

  3. Dave Wistrand says:

    Fort Dorset was good (better than Trentham which was the other option – 1965-66) occasional visits to Shelley Bay for games and drinkies and a bit of socialising etc. Dorset had our own cabins and good bus service to and from work in Stout Street and the coffee/milkbar around the bay a bit.enjoyed it

  4. bill bartlett says:

    Shelly Bay. Yeah. My first shore draft to NCC Wellington after coming off Royalist 1957.lived there with fellow NCC Watchkeepers. Blue Graham (bunting), Sparkers Dodger (I,B) Long, John Lawton (later joined the Airforce and ended up as Squadron Leader) and PoiPoi Puata was also with us.
    Shelly Bay was good. Lots of “Bay Parties” along the back road. Had to make sure you got back in before the back gate closed, otherwise it was a long trek back thrugh the Seatoun tunnel. Only there for few months. Drafted back to Philly in December for my killicks course. Fort Dorset- well that’s another story. Last draft to Navy Office 1982-85 as a W/O. lived at Dorset and enjoyed it. By the way Bollocks I had better luck than you did with access to the garage/workshop thanks to the then BSM & RSM who was Pat Duggan. Anyway I needed to do a couple of panel repairs to my car which I’d taken down with me and the BSM boned me in the mess and gave the good news. Of course Fort Dorset has long closed. Pity. I wonder whats there now. Fond memories of Dorset. When I moved down to Rotorua in 2010 the Vice Pres of the RSA was an Ex Fort Dorset mate of mine John Treanor who was a WO1 then
    Sorry for the long waffle guys & gals
    Bill B

  5. John Bullock says:

    Fort Dorset is now a private housing development, Civil Defence Headquarters and a school at the Northern end. Have a look at this aerial view @ URL. https://tinyurl.com/y9q64gsm

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