Combined Services Day @ Whangamata 2017

Here is an image taken very recently and yes there are some communicators starring!. Can you identify them?

Sitting on the Left – Blue (Sheryl) Kininmont, Skin (Noel) Kininmont.
Standing 3rd from left Leigh Staples and 4th from left Rod Berry, forth from right, Jan Luttrell.

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1 Response to Combined Services Day @ Whangamata 2017

  1. Thanks for putting that up Frank. It was a very social day and a great turnout from the area. The two seated on the left ex communicators Skin (Noel) and Blue (Sheryl) Kininmont, third from left at rear, Leigh Staples and fourth from left at rear, Rod Berry and fourth in from the right, Jan Luttrell. Interestingly, with the exception of Jan who lives in Hamilton, all play an active communications role in our local Whangamata Coastguard.

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