A Question of Badges

On the top, we have a PO Sparkers badge and a POs rank badge that would be worn on No1 Uniform.  Can anyone identify and give an explanation of the badge below the gold badges?  Thanks Jim D for the question.

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7 Responses to A Question of Badges

  1. John Bullock says:

    USN Radioman First Class, equivalent to our PORS. Next step in the USN is a Radioman Chief Petty Officer (RMC).

  2. Tony Magon says:

    Think this is a USN sparkers badge – a 1st class PO equivalent – maybe

  3. James Hildreth says:

    Looks like a caution sign, “if birds meet electricity, they will fall out of the sky”

  4. Tiny Joihnson says:

    USN Petty Officer class 1 radioman.

  5. MOLE says:

    A yank PO 1st Class Comms.

  6. Ernie POPE says:

    US Navy E6, Information Systems Technician , formerly Radioman. First Class Petty Officer.

  7. Kips Roberts says:

    As for John, Radioman 1st Class (RM1c)

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