Medals Reunited New Zealand

*This is a personal view from former career serviceman in both the New Zealand and Australian armed services (NZ Army, RNZAF and RAAF) and a returned veteran, Ian D. Martyn, Founder of Medals Reunited New Zealand.

Medals Reunited NZ is calling for increased vigilance around the wearing of unofficial medals and badges.

Members of ex-service organisations regularly ask questions about the rules applicable to wearing NZ decorations and medals. Their real concern, however, seems to stem from the number of service and returned veterans who choose to wear unofficial medals or awards.

Read the article here!

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2 Responses to Medals Reunited New Zealand

  1. Jim D says:

    The real problem is the fact that some people are wearing official medals to which they are not entitled as well as those who wear unofficial ones.

  2. gunther says:

    bit like the veterans beret problem..people are ordering them but arn’t veterans

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