Out of the Woodwork

These three images will stir some memories.  Thanks Ditz for the memories.

The first is HMNZS SANTON leaving the Singapore Station in 1966 and heading for Portsmouth.  Decommissioning pennant flying

A class from the ‘Rock’

A class from who knows where!

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5 Responses to Out of the Woodwork

  1. Jim D says:

    Bottom pic – Frank Saunders on the left next to Ditz.

  2. Lindsay Roberts says:

    Santon my old ship.(Cox’n 2nd crew) She along with the Hickleton were to my belief the only HMNZ ships that never visited NZ. Ask a sailor today who they were and I guess you would probably get a blank stare. Read Gerry Wright’s book “A Kiwi on our Funnel” for their story. I think the Museum may have it for sale

  3. Bob Anderson says:

    I was lucky enough to be part of the crew [ as Buffer ] that took the Santon back to Portsmouth. Hickleton was part of the journey. First stop was Maldive islands and then Aden. Santon broke down and was in Aden for around 10 days, not a particularly pleasant place to stuck, around 40 C and the natives were unfriendly, remember watching the aftermath of a British army jeep being blown up by a bomb from the local insurgents, Aden at that time was under transition, the Brits were in the process of pulling out. Hickleton carried on by themselves after we broke down, not sure if we ever caught up with the Hickleton crew again.Malta was the next stop and Sardinia after, because we broke down in Aden we missed Sardinia and went straight onto Gibraltar. Our skipper was George Glyde, not a very good sailor, suffered from sea sickness, going across the Bay of Biscay was a real challenge for him. A lot of good memories from the trip. I brought back the Santons ship crest, last time I saw it was in the Fleet mess, if that still exists?

    • Ditz says:

      Gidday Bob. Yep, good memory mate. Remember the game of soccer we had against Cable & Wireless? I think we got thrashed. Got a coup of black & white pics of it with moi (of course) throwing in the ball and on the field – can send if u wish. Cheers Ditz

    • Frank Lewis says:

      I remember meeting up with both Hickleton and Santon while on transit to the FES on Blackpool. If I remember we handed over water bread and some spare parts to one of them.

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