This is what happens when we leave our past to someone who does not understand its relevance.  They should have removed it, rather than let it rot and become an eyesore. HMNZS TAMAKI Quartermasters Lobby,

In contrast here is an image of the QM Lobby at HMNZS IRIRANGI

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5 Responses to A PIECE OF OUR PAST

  1. MOLE says:

    Why not move it lock stock and barrell to the Museum?

  2. Marian Simons says:

    ;( so sad; I have such fond memories of Tamaki, this is a disgrace

  3. Lindsay Roberts says:

    As the Tamaki Jossman a number of times over many years have fond memories of the old Regulating Office, Why it was left when the remainder of the establishment north of the fence was demolished when DOC took over I don’;t know,. I don’t believe it was of WW1 vintage. I do know that buildings dating back to WW1 were retained, hence the Officers Mess still stands now miinus the VIP suite which was a later addition..

  4. Marian Simons says:

    btw how much of Tamaki is left? I did my BCT there in Feb 1980

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