Jan 1966 Comms

Here is an image for sailors from 1966 January intake.  The parade is held in PHILOMEL which might indicate that it was taken at the end of 1966 on completion of training.  Maybe someone can put names to missing sailor and advise who the Inspecting Officer was.  Bill Morley is the one badge Petty Officer.

From L-R  Bruce Miller (Sparker), Laurie Coggins (Sparker), Frank Brown (Stoker), Jim Roberts,  Marty Hayward (Sparker),  ?

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3 Responses to Jan 1966 Comms

  1. fdubya says:

    Looks to me like a Quarter Guard for a visiting CO, Esmeralda perhaps.

  2. Jim Dell says:

    They’re wearing No1s, so must be winter. No branch badges?

  3. fdubyafdubya says:

    Have now confirmed it was the CO Esmeralda. 1966

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