One for the Old & Bolds

Here is an image of Petty Officers.  Can anyone name the Petty Officers, When it was taken and what was the occasion.  This was the 1965 Petty Officers Leadership Course which was held in HMNZS PHILOMEL.

Standing L-R    Reg Coxn Bob ‘Guts’ Cunningham, POS Bash Bishop, Reg Coxn Len ‘Dolly’ Gray, CPO Bill Rowe (Crse Instructor), Muzz Mullins, Long John Bruce, Bill Berge, Yeoman Billy Bartlett, Don ‘Cora’ Curry, ‘Moose’ Elder, POSTWD Colin Rands

Sitting L-R     Mo Cameron,  PRD Bevan Lawes, SLT Jock Elder, ‘Shorty’ Russell, Ian ‘inky’ McKenzie.

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9 Responses to One for the Old & Bolds

  1. gunther says:

    second fm left middle ended up a jossman, back row left bash bishop

  2. gunther says:

    jock elder is the officer, has to be pre “64” as im sure jock was a lt at tamaki in may “64”


    Frank please confirm your email address. yours Aye Mole


  4. John Bullock says:

    The officer next to BevanL I believe is a Lieut. Douglas?
    Next to BillyB is a PO EL Currie?

  5. Lindsay Roberts says:

    From top Left. Bob Cunningham , Bash Bishop, Len (Dolly) Gray. Officer is Jock Elder.

  6. Jim Dell says:

    Rear rank right was a CEA. Gunther is correct with the Officer – Jock Elder. John Titmus would know as I think Jock was in Civil Defence.

  7. Bevan Lawes says:

    Checked my SD’s. Passed P O Command course 25 2 65. Officer was definitely Jock Elder.

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