Was this a Right Choice

This is an image from the past and one which will most probably not be repeated in our Navy. The only time you will see something similar to this is when ships bring food on board and we store ship.  Have we lost something or gained something by the removal of beer from our ships.  On one hand we now have no banyan’s, no BBQ’s at sea, no building of comrade esprit, and on the other hand we have no opportunity for sailors to over indulge at sea and become worse for wear.  What do you think?

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15 Responses to Was this a Right Choice

  1. davesyn says:

    Pretty petty really one bottle of beer a night and we are out of control? Except perhaps I do remember someone taking a bomb bay door off and then there were extra rations all round. No culprits found,mum to this day. Think it went down on oral history as Murray’s dilemma? Nothing to trade with! Dear me how boring. Next thing we all be holding hands and singing Jerusalem or onward christian soldiers on the Quarter deck three times a day.. Think of all that pent up beer drinking on the first night ashore, after twenty or thirty days at sea. think of all the damage that pent up reckless drinking could do. Then again perhaps the ships are faster these days? and we spend less time at sea? What relief can one get today after watching nuclear bombs go off;. nice cuppa on a bollard watching the fallout settle!..

  2. Jim Dell says:

    The problem in today’s navy could be that there are no longer any messdecks, but cabins. When Junior Rates lived in Messes, there were Leading Hands in charge, who were responsible for ensuring that the two cans of beer a day per person were issued to those who were 20 years old and above. The cans were also pierced so that they couldn’t be hoarded (he says, tongue in cheek). You can blame political correctness for most of the problems in the navy today – one of the issues being the introduction of females at sea, thereby necessitating in accommodation being changed to cabins. Perhaps this will start a lively debate – or perhaps not.

  3. gunther says:

    have always maintained that the allowing of females to go to sea was the start of the rot. dont know if it is true or not maybe someone on here can confirm, but one our frigates overseas has become dry both aboard and ashore, a directive stating no drinking whilst alongside..be interesting if this is true. just glad i did my bit when it was a navy with all the traditions..

  4. Dave Wistrand says:

    Think you may be right Jim – but some Leading Hands “fell” from time to time to provide examples for us to emulate in the future (which we did from time to time)

  5. Butts says:

    With technology today, things are so much harder to sweep under the carpet. It’s not about political correctness. It’s about being caught with your pants down.

    • Jim Dell says:

      I would imagine that it would be harder to be caught with your pants down in the privacy of a cabin, than a large mess-deck

      • B8utts says:

        This is from 2011.
        Calvert, 24, has argued during his pre-sentence hearing that bragging about sexual exploits and capturing them on video was common at HMAS Cerberus, south of Melbourne, where he was based as a trainee at the time.

        His barrister David Sexton said the culture was one of ”work hard, play hard” and heavy drinking.

        He said his client had joined the navy to make friends as he had been a loner growing up and was determined to fit into his new environment.

        ”There was a culture of reporting, of bragging, of sexual exploits, that extended to revealing one’s exploits by way of mobile phone footage,” Mr Sexton told the hearing at the Victorian County Court on Monday.

        Mr Sexton said the filming was not so much a ”frolic of his (Calvert’s) own, but an alcohol-fuelled product of the environment that he experienced”.

  6. gunther says:

    re my last it has been confirmed that this has happened..

  7. Jim Dell says:

    A lot of mention of alcohol but what about sex? I remember in the early 90’s a US Navy destroyer tender coming alongside in Singapore that had a mixed crew of about 400. Nearly 40 female sailors were flown back to the States because they were pregnant. One assumes that today’s kiwi men and women are as hot blooded as their US counterparts, or are they brainwashed into being abstinent from the ways of the flesh as well as partaking of the brew of the devil…OR, do cabins provide the necessary privacy…

  8. Neill Dorset says:

    Oh Dear, yet another case of PC altering some fine old traditions. Sure some folk ‘over-indulged’ but I believe our sailors were far more discipline in the their drinking habits when we had ‘one can/per man/per day/per haps!’ compared with other navies who were ‘dry’ and we have all witnessed the problems when they went ashore. Maybe I am living in the past but I personally think whilst our ‘ today’s navy’ maybe more advanced and in some ways probably more professional, we have lost a lot of fine ‘traditions’ through this desire to be seen to be ‘politically correct’. As others have said- I am glad I experienced my time back in those ‘good old days’.
    Neill D

  9. gunther says:

    they still have mess decks…frigates…

  10. Dave Wistrand says:

    This is probably in line with our neo liberalism in today’s society – if there is a problem try and rectify it by universally changing the rules for the whole of society and penalizing the innocent. We need to let individuals be responsible for themselves and if they stuff up accept the consequences not put in place bans like this. And being of Ngati Huri descent I am wondering if this would infringe my rights under the Treaty of Waitangi – Hmmn was Rum a toanga?

  11. Jim Dell says:

    No, ‘cos u can’t spel

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