Recommendations for Accommodation

A member of the Assn is considering visiting Rotovegas post the Reunion in 2018 for a couple of days. He hasn’t been there for donkeys and is seeking recommendations on accommodation from shipmates with greater knowledge than him.  Drop a comment to this post with any recommendations.  He has his wife with him so that may change your recommendation.

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2 Responses to Recommendations for Accommodation

  1. Brian (Kips) Roberts says:

    We have visitied Rotorua twice in the last year. Stayed at the Novotel first time which was acceptable but they charged ‘over the odds’ for the type of room we had. My wife and a friend were there again last month so I booked them into the Quest. Really nice room. Better and less expensive than the Novotel in our opinion. Right near town centre for dining etc.

  2. Pete Robb says:

    Cleveland Motel clean and handy to everything

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