The War Office

This is an image of the Masonic Hotel which I am sure a few of you have drawn a pint.  The whole complex is unrecognisable with new apartments to the left in the car park and the Masonic restored to a previous time. Never looked better.


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2 Responses to The War Office

  1. Alan (Tug) Wilson says:

    Many a happy lunch time spent here ( mostly Friday’s) whilst at North Head as an instructor, two that come to mind was one where there was a beer strike in Aucklsnd and we had to drink sherry or port, the other was Frank Blacks (R.I.P.) farewell off on transfer to the RAN. N.C. should remember that one to ( no more said eh Nick). I gather it is no longer a hotel??

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    Another event was the advent of 10 o’clock closing when pub staff were on strike but the Masonic at the time seemed to have family involved so was open, remember being upstairs on the balcony for some reason – thinking back possibly late 1967 towards the end of EW Conversion Course with Caddy in tow

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