Jack Passings – June 2017

The following Sailors ‘Crossed the Bar’ during the month of June 2017. Details of funerals etc can be found by clicking HERE.

SPRAGGS Richard Kendall (Dick) Seaman RDF
PATCHELL, Christopher Martin (Patch) Stoker
JOHNSON, Ronald Samuel Seaman
NOAKES Steven Miles
DAVIES, George Henry. Seaman
KENNEDY, Grant Morriss Cook
HALL, Colin Richard. Marine Engineer
MEAD, Barrie Desmond Cook
WILKINSON David Rex (Rex) Gunner
MOON, Henry Albert. (Albie) Stoker
DRAKE, Hardie Francis LSIG
AHURIRI Rawiri George WOYS
MOODIE, George MacIntosh Cook
STUCKEY, Doris Lorane (Dorrie) WREN.
JOHNSON, Ronald Samuel RP
TAIAKI, Te Akerama Manuka (Tai, Ake) LRO
BEERE, Graeme Maunsell Douglas  CDR WE
BETHELL, John Francis Seaman

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3 Responses to Jack Passings – June 2017

  1. Lance Morey son says:

    John Morey passed on the morning of 15th of june 2017

  2. William Bartlett says:

    How very sad to hear the passing of former shipmates (Bellona/Royalist) Viv Hata and YS John Morey
    May they both Rest in Peace
    Bill B

  3. Dave Wistrand says:

    Yes sad news about John Morey was our first morse code instructor for CS42 on HMNZS Tamaki at Motohiue (cannot spell it) Island in early 1963 then in 2000 met him again at the Whangaroa Golf Course and played with him for a year or so till we moved out of the area. While at Tamaki was a gentleman to us OD’s and looking back now appreciate that. RIP John
    Played golf with Jack Campbell today at Waipu and had some discussions and good dits, just have to mention that Jack paid for the beer (golfers will understand)

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