Did you know that one of the names for the Waiouru W/T Radio Station might have been HMNZS HAUTAPU which means ‘sacred wind’.  In 1956 there was obviously some discussion as to what the Waiouru W/T stations might have been called.  Subsequently HMNZS IRIRANGI was the name finally selected but you never know what might have been in the wind.

As an aside Hautapu had been a locally-built Castle-class minesweeper during the war and sold October 1947 to New Zealand Fisheries Ltd of Wellington, holed at sea in November 63 and beached south of Cape Campbell, towed off April 64 and berthed at Shelly Bay, sabotaged and sunk June 66, and finally cut up by Navy divers 72-73.  As Fred W says there is nothing fishy about IRIRANGI.   Thanks Fred W for the article.

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  1. Jim Blackburn. says:

    From memory, wasn’t the stream across the other side of main road, where the “caves” were called the Hautapu Stream. Could this have had any bearing on the earlier thinking for a name?….

    • Jim Dell says:

      Hi Jim, yes, it was the Hautapu – lived alongside it for a couple of years at Brian Peter’s old homestead.

      • Roddy says:

        James – speaking of Brian Peters, I think a saw a doco on the family a month or so ago. It talked about Brian, the farm and the family and their input into the area. I think it was either his wife or daughter on the doco doing the talking

      • John Bullock says:

        To Jim and Vicki their feral resort dwelling was known as the other “Park Lane”. I have stayed their, the tariff was cheap,

  2. Mike Catlow says:

    Whew, that was a let off then. Somehow Hautapu doesn’t have the same ring about it.

  3. Jim Dell says:

    Rod – yes, it was Brian’s second wife,Tracey. Not only does she run the a couple of farms but she is also a priest in Taihape.

    • Roddy says:

      That was it James…it was an interesting bit of journalism particularly having spent time in the area and knowing the family

  4. gunther says:

    rodders.. programme was on country calendar about the brians second wife…emailed jim about it and got the goss’ fm him

  5. Jim Dell says:

    Some of us used to go competition shooting on Tracey’s father’s farm, about 15 minutes up Waiaruhe Road past Park Lane.

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