Some Likely Lads Here

This is an image from TAMAKI Winter Intake of 1965. Can we put names to faces.

Rear L-R  Chris Fletcher, Kevin Griffin, Derek Johnson, Wayne Jenkins, Tony Vickers (Class Leader), Fred Potu, Wayne Tautau.
Sitting L-R   Pete Trainor, Roy Hall, Mike Dinwiddie, Cyril Greentree, Pete Aylett, Mike Houghton.

Communicators in RED

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6 Responses to Some Likely Lads Here

  1. Graeme Pearce says:

    I was their at the same time in the class of 64 as a seaman boy

  2. Jim Dell says:

    Surly looking bunch…
    Sitting L-R third from left Mike Dinwiddie and second from the right Pete Aylett (RIP)

  3. Pete says:

    At the beginning there were 7 communicators, 2 of them dropped by the wayside. Can you name the 2. Wayne Jenkins is also a communicator

  4. John. Bullock says:

    Tony Vickers ex-Regulating Branch is currently in Jack Inglis Hospital Motueka terminally ill.

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