Veterans starting to seek out services

A recent press release by the Hon David Bennett (Minister for Veterans Affairs)  of 9 June 2017,  which maybe of interest to members of the Association and veterans.  Interestingly you can serve over 51 years in the RNZN and still not be classed as a Veteran in New Zealand..Makes you wonder!

There has been a 33 per cent increase in uptake of Veterans Independence Programmes (VIP) over the past year, Veterans’ Affairs Minister David Bennett says.

The VIP enables New Zealand veterans to live independently in their homes

It can help with the cost of house and window cleaning, lawn mowing and garden maintenance, home care, medical alarms, podiatry and home alterations.

“Veterans fought for New Zealand’s independence and now the country can assist in providing for their independence,” Mr Bennett says.

“It is a positive step forward that the veterans, who sacrificed so much for our country, are now being assisted by Veterans’ Affairs,” Mr Bennett says.

Almost 3,500 veterans and spouses were receiving VIP services at the end of April 2017.

“That’s an increase of 33 per cent more veterans accessing 7000 individual services over 12 months,” Mr Bennett says.

“The Government introduced this package in the Veterans Support Act 2014 to further enable those who have enabled our country, so we are pleased veterans are taking up the support,” Mr Bennett says.

Veterans and their families who wish to know more about what services they are entitled to, can find out more information here:

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2 Responses to Veterans starting to seek out services

  1. Bob says:

    link is blocked by Behive

  2. gunther says:

    i would suggest that a lot of the people taking up what vanz has to offer, has been taken up since they relaxed the rules for eligibility to have things done around the property etc etc..and to become a veteran..if there were no rules re being a veteran, then it could mean that if u had been in a dog watch, u could be eligible to all the entitlments that go with being a veteran..dont think they are going to let that happen..

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