This is very interesting.  Here is an image of topographical plans for HMNZS IRIRANGI drawn in 1953.  There must have been a change of heart when the final plans were drawn as the married quarters were actually built outside of the main gate on Park Lane and the playing field was located across the road from the camp on Waiaruhe Road later to be known as Thorne Park.  Are there any other changes which stand out? Thanks Fred W for the image.

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4 Responses to HMNZS IRIRANGI – 1953

  1. I was in Irirangi in 1954 and again in 1969. From memory Park Lane houses were built between those two years. The plan shows Irirangi as I remember it in 1954. The married quarters (block of six) were still called that and indeed I lived in one for a few days after I arrived before moving to the “wrennery”, as did many new arrivals . The eastern most married unit became the CPO’s mess (can’t remember if it was that in 1954). Married ratings lived in Waiouru and I think married officers (except the CO) lived in the block of two by two as shown which later housed some Senior rates (the buffer was one) and the Sick Bay tiffy. In 1954 single PO’s were in the eastern and western units of the wrennery. The remaining three wrennery units were lower rates, mainly REM,s and Comms. I would be interested in other people’s recollections from this period.

  2. Graeme Pearce says:

    from our research in writing our book about Navy sport Irirangi was established as a Naval Communications Station in 1943 and was commissioned as HMNZS Irirangi in 1943 and decommissioned in 1993

    • My error, I was there from 1959 until 1961 on my second stint.
      Graeme, I am pretty sure that Irirangi was commissioned in 1951, see elsewhere on the communicators pages etc.

  3. Bill McLauchlan says:

    Irirangi was commissioned in 1951 – Lt Cdr Laurie Carr was the first skipper.

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