Who Remembers VAMPIRE

Here is a link to a recent trip undetaken to the Maritime Museum in Sydney.  Take it easy sparks, lots of B40’s in this Bridge Wireless Office.  Click HERE


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4 Responses to Who Remembers VAMPIRE

  1. Jock Hair says:

    B40s replaces wartime B28 s Also 86m was a 4 channel ratchet tuned set for ship to air communication and used in the Rn til the late 50s This was a set as used in Spitfire with a sword stick aerial the aerial connections of which leaked on the mast head . Any of would be sparkers ever used a swinging key for transmissions . They were branded illegal for use by Rn Sparkers but were used a lot by them .
    Look the lamps are swinging brought about by tall tales .

  2. Mike Catlow says:

    When we stayed in Sydney a couple of years ago we went and saw the Vampire, Endeavour replica and Oberon the submarine. Its great the Aussies have preserved some of their naval history and we greatly enjoyed going over the ships. There were a lot of building operations going on at the time to improve the experience so we will go back again on our next visit to see the changes. A lot of our sailors will remember the V ships as we exercised with them on occasion in Far East exercises, It was sad that Voyager was lost in the collision with Melbourne in 1964 with the loss of quite a few crew.
    The Maritime Museum is well worth the visit so check it out when in Sydney, you wont be disappointed.You will recognise the familiarity with the equipment on display aboard if you were of that era.

  3. Brian Moyse says:

    Hi Mike, I had a look around Vampire in Sydney about 10 years ago iirc, there were a lot of B40’s in the wireless office, all the stuff in there looked pretty primitive though and not as tiddly as the tiddly T. Think there was a Russian diesel sub nearby. Also been onboard the sistership of Lachlan (VKMX) HMAS Diamantina which is in drydock on the Brisbane river.

  4. Ian Jacques says:

    We were exercising with her down Jervois Bay way in early 70s and B turret shot the end off one of A turrets barrels. Classic

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