A Day in the Sun

Here is Health and Safety at its best.  Sunburn and of course can’t see many safety harnesses.  Are you in the picture?  Thanks Richard C for the image.

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5 Responses to A Day in the Sun

  1. Frank Lewis says:

    This is a classic photo of what sparker’s, gollies and buntings got up to while looking after their part of ship. We have all been up the mast with bucket, scrubber and paint pot and did our duty. As long as we got the “safe to transmit keys” we felt safe – no need for harnesses etc while I was in pussser’s.

  2. Not to mention swinging of the end of a crane in a large bucket with twine securing the side lugs to prevent it tipping you out into the singapore dry dock and waving at the crane driver to maneuver you around various Aerials etc so the difficult parts could get painted as well,

  3. John Bullock says:

    ACC, Occupational Health Safety should place that photo in a prime position in their offices for all to see! Not forgetting events like replacing a collapsed Canterbury’s Main Roof in the middle of a rolling Pacific Ocean East of Hawaii comes to mind!

  4. gunther says:

    in 69 on taranaki whilst rasing with supply , one of our downhauls for the aerials had come adrift, and being the aerial part of ship i had the honour of going up and getting the thing down, it had of course to be the most outer of downhauls, so with a safety belt around me i went out and did the job. but i never went up again.. never. the most shit scareing time i had.. ever.. what with the ship rolling and bucking with what little gap we had between us and supply..oh and i had me plastic sandles on as well…those were the days..and all an sundry on supply looking on as well..

  5. Tau says:

    HMNZS WAIKATO – Op Armilla 82/83:
    A pity the photo is so blurry, but from left to right it looks like Noel Ngaha (definitely), ‘Spike’ Spemann, Tony Elson and ‘Willy’ Wilson. The other two further up the mast are definitely ‘Greenies’.

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